5 Craft Ideas to Reuse and Upcycle Your Old Plastic Coffee Containers

It can be difficult to brew a sustainable cup of coffee at home. While we recommend finding coffee that is ethically sourced and packaged sustainably, unfortunately, it’s not always possible. But don’t feel guilty if you end up with a plastic coffee container every now and again. Sure, you can always turn to the coffee beans in the bulk section of your local grocery store or opt for reusable K-cup pods if you’re brewing in a Keurig.

But for those unexpected moments where you find yourself reaching for a plastic coffee container – whether it’s accidentally or out of necessity because your other options are limited – you always have the option of turning your used plastic coffee containers into something new: Crafts!

Birds are always seeking out homes and building materiials, which can unfortunately lead to birds picking through harmful trash and litter. Instead, make a safe, upcycled birdhouse and post it up in your yard

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