Standoff between barricaded suspect and Medford Police ends with suspect in custody

Medford Police have a 35-year-old robbery suspect in custody after a standoff that lasted for hours on Thursday night.

Medford Police say they went to the 2000 block of Brookhurst Street in Medford to conduct a search in a home invasion robbery investigation.

When police arrived, the male suspect attempted to run away through the back of the apartment before retreating back inside and barricading himself in.

Police say they set up a perimeter around the house and were able to get a look at the suspect in the house on several occasions. Police then noticed the man carrying a handgun.

Police say anyone that was in danger near the house was then evacuated.

The standoff lasted until around 10:30 p.m. when loud bangs could be heard.

Police say they used a “breaching tactic” to get into the apartment. Then, they used a “gas tactic” inside of the apartment. The suspect then came out and obeyed all police commands.

The suspect was taken into custody and was uninjured. No one else in the area was hurt.

On Thursday night, police said they were still carrying out the search inside the apartment that they had the warrant for.

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