Oregon State Treasury announced $566.8 million General Obligation Bond offering through its Buy Oregon Bonds Program

Bend, OR – State officials released a statement, saying that the sale will provide funding for affordable housing programs and capital improvement projects across state government.

The upcoming offering includes more than $299 million third-party verified Sustainability Bonds, which will finance the development of affordable, energy-efficient housing in Oregon.

The Sustainability Bonds will support the State’s Permanent Supportive Housing and Local Innovation and Fast Track Housing Programs.

Kestrel, an approved verifier accredited by the Climate Bonds Initiative, awarded the accreditation following an independent external review, in which they determined the projects and associated Series B Bonds would address housing needs in Oregon, meet green building requirements, and advance Oregon’s goal of reducing statewide energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

These factors helped the bonds meet the Sustainability Bond Guidelines established by the International Capital Market Association. This is the first time Oregon has achieved this third-party designation, which will help attract a wider range of investors to the upcoming bond sale.

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