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The Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee is recommending several new changes to the Bend City Council that intend to preserve larger trees during new development while not creating a barrier to building more needed housing

Bend, OR – According to the city officials, the Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee voted Today (8-5) to recommend a variety of changes to the Bend Development Code, which regulates how and when trees are allowed to be removed during development.

This process arose out of community members raising concerns around seeing how many trees were being cut down during new development projects.

In response, the Bend City Council created a temporary committee to research ways more significant trees could be preserved during new development while also not interfering with building the housing units the community needs.

Under state law, standards, conditions and procedures regulating housing must be clear and objective, and this process is intended to develop such standards to regulate how and when trees are preserved.

These recommended changes, if adopted, will strike a balance, and provide the framework to preserve more trees than what is happening now.

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