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The City of Bend is installing a Parking Guidance System in downtown Bend to enhance the parking experience, reduce traffic congestion and improve accessibility for everyone visiting the downtown area

Bend, OR – According to the statement, the new system can minimize cars driving around to find parking spots, which can reduce circular search traffic by 30% and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

City officials also said that this will allow drivers to navigate to vacant parking spaces more quickly and easily, reducing search time and improving convenience.

Starting Tuesday, December 5, the Parking Guidance System will use real-time data to provide up-to-date information on available parking spaces throughout the downtown area, including parking lots and the Centennial Garage.

The system will continually update and use digital signage to direct people to open parking spaces.

Guidance signs are located on NW Oregon Avenue, NW Minnesota Avenue, NW Lava Road and NW Bond Street. 

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