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The Medford Fire Department honored and celebrated its team for its service and dedication to our community during a recent awards banquet

Medford, OR – According to the statement, this year’s theme was “Iron Sharpens Iron.”

Medford Fire Department officials said that the theme speaks to Medford Fire’s focus on elevating standards and supporting each other.

During the ceremony, Captain Dave Ackles and Office Administrator Pam Webber were both honored for 25 years of service to the department and community.

Awards were also given out to crew members for “Outstanding Service”, “Medal of Valor”, “Company Citation”, and “So That Others May Succeed.”

“Of The Year” awards concluded the ceremony, and were received by the following individuals:

  • Firefighter Mike Howard – 2022 Firefighter of the Year
  • Engineer Marc Trautz – 2022 Engineer of the Year
  • Captain Allan Rogers – 2022 Officer of the Year
  • Firefighter Ryan Willits – 2022 Pride & Ownership Award

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