The City of Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass participated in an anti-vehicle barrier training at Lithia & Driveway Fields

Medford, OR – According to the city officials, the anti-vehicle barriers will be used to help ensure the safety of residents and visitors attending outdoor events in Southern Oregon.

City officials also announced that during this training, the cities learned how to safely operate the barriers and how to deploy them. 

Each city received a Vehicle Barrier System that includes a trailer and eight barricades that can easily and quickly be set up by city staff. 

The cities will share their kits with other municipalities within Jackson and Josephine counties, so up to 24 barriers can be deployed during specific events such as the Pear Blossom Festival, Ashland Halloween Parade, Boatnik, etc.

This project equips Southern Oregon with shared capability to rapidly deploy an effective anti-vehicle barrier system to protect people attending large public gatherings against vehicle-borne threats (vehicle-ramming attacks, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, or vehicles unintentionally striking pedestrians).

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