Governor Kotek created the council to develop comprehensive recommendations to build 36,000 homes per year

Medford, OR – According to the state officials, the Housing Production Advisory Council, which Governor Tina Kotek established to ramp up home construction across Oregon, released its next steps for reaching the state’s housing production goals.

Going forward, the council will break into five work groups to develop recommendations on the following topics: 
• Availability of Land 
• Land Development Permit Applications 
• Codes and Design 
• Workforce Shortages 
• Financing 

The specific recommendations for policy changes and investments outlined must meet the following minimum requirements: 
• Addresses known barriers to housing as prioritized by the council. 
• Identify changes to state laws and rules that hold promise for accelerating production, thereby supporting the state’s annual housing production target. 
• Prioritize housing affordability levels by the scale of the deficit of each housing type. 
• Plan for production that is equitable and affirmatively furthers fair housing. 

The council’s action plan is due to the Governor’s Office no later than December 31, 2023.

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