The Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 14-15 at the McMinnville Community Center, state officials say

Bend, OR – According to the state officials, the Thursday’s meeting is a workshop, beginning at 1 p.m., to discuss the five-year review of the Wolf Plan.

At the workshop, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will reportedly provide an overview of the Wolf Plan and its implementation, including staff’s evaluation and input from invited panelists.

No public testimony will be taken during the workshop.

In preparation for the review, ODFW staff assessed the Wolf Plan to evaluate its relevancy and ability to address contemporary needs, assess if the objectives are being met, and ensure that it contains the best available science to support decision-making.

ODFW will present the assessment and discuss next steps with the Commission.

In addition to the presentation by ODFW staff, the Commission will hear input from invited panelists representing Western Environmental Law Center, Oregon Wild, Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Oregon Hunters Association, Western Landowner Alliance, and Oregon State Police.

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