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The Bend City Council had its initial review of the draft code that will implement a Transportation Fee

Bend, OR – City officials released a statement, saying that the draft code and associated fee schedule are available for public review here.

The funds will be used for operations and maintenance of the City transportation system, including pavement restoration, street preservation, signs, striping, sidewalk and other concrete work, bicycle and multi-modal system enhancements, street sweeping and cleaning, winter operations such as snow removal and implementation of programs identified in the 2020 Transportation System Plan.

Funds will be restricted to activities performed by the Transportation and Mobility Department and cannot be used for other City purposes.

The draft code outlines how the fee is applied to utility bills, how funds can be used, and what the rate structure looks like.

The City Council supports phasing in the fee over three years to generate $5 million the first year it’s collected, $10 million the second year, and $15 million the third year, with rates based on approximate impacts of different uses on the transportation system.

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