Some 24-hour Fitness gyms bring equipment outdoors to adapt to Oregon restrictions

As businesses continue to grapple with changing coronavirus restrictions in Oregon, one fitness company is taking the same approach as many restaurants.

Several 24-Hour Fitness clubs are moving their equipment outside so people can work out, even if a county is in the ‘extreme risk’ category. The location off Murray-Scholls Place in Beaverton is one of them.

The company says they’re using a combination of outdoor tents, turf areas, and patios to provide people space to stay fit.

“The health and mental, physical and emotional well-being of our members is paramount, and we really want to provide space and a safe space for members to be able to get their workouts in during this time,” said Meredith Klausner, regional vice-president for 24-Hour Fitness.

They say you can use an app to reserve a spot and to check in and out of the facility.

Another location off McLoughlin Boulevard in Portland is expected to open this Saturday. The company says they hope to add more facilities in the future.

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