Jackson County restaurants pump the breaks for two-week pause

Parkside Cafe is just one restaurant that’s having to adjust to Governor Brown’s new metrics of Jackson County’s two-week pause.

The owners say they hope it’s only going to be for two weeks, and won’t be extended.

Co-owners Kathy Artoff and Tami Westfall purchased Parkside Cafe together back in May, and since the pandemic started they’ve had to adjust to the rapid change in metrics.

They say they don’t see what two weeks is going to change, and if it weren’t for their customers they wouldn’t have even known about this pause.

“You wouldn’t know, nobody tells businesses anything, we knew by either watching TV or our customers telling us. There’s nothing sent to a business to tell them what is changing,” said Westfall.

Parkside Cafe says that the more concerning part is the unknown of what’s next to come for small businesses.

The owners say they owe their success during the pandemic to their customers, and even with these new restrictions in place, they will continue to serve their loyal customers.

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