Gov. Kotek announced how much funding each region within Oregon’s homelessness state of emergency will receive from the state

Medford, OR – According to the state officials, Gov. Kotel also announced the specific outcomes local communities are expected to achieve with the emergency dollars.

On her first full day in office, the Governor declared a homelessness state of emergency and urged the legislature to pass an early investment package to meet specific goals in reducing unsheltered homelessness by January 10, 2024.

The following funding amounts are based on many factors, including the appropriation made available by the legislature, detailed plans that local communities submitted, and a detailed formula developed by Oregon Housing and Community Services:

• Portland/Gresham/Multnomah County: $18.2 million to rehouse 275 households and create 138 shelter beds
• Eugene/Springfield/Lane County: $15.5 million to rehouse 247 households and create 230 shelter beds
• Central Oregon: $13.9 million to rehouse 161 households and create 111 shelter beds
• Salem/Marion, Polk Counties: $10.4 million to rehouse 158 households and create 79 shelter beds
• Medford, Ashland/Jackson County: $8.8 million to rehouse 133 households and create 67 shelter beds
• Hillsboro/Beaverton/Washington County: $8.0 million to rehouse 121 households and create 61 shelter beds
• Clackamas County: $4.4 million to rehouse 130 households.

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