The National Weather Service has advised the Portland Bureau of Transportation to expect the potential for brief snow or hail storms

Portland, OR – According to the state officials, they could create intermittent periods of hazardous traveling conditions across the city, at all elevations.

Periods of brief, localized accumulating snow or hail of up to 1 inch or more could potentially impact travel during the Friday morning and evening rush hour periods, as well as travel on Saturday morning.

If hail or snow do accumulate, forecasters say they would likely melt away promptly, thanks to warming temperatures.

People driving, walking or biking are advised to be prepared to respond to the weather conditions you see on your trip.

If you see snow, hail or icy precipitation, slow down. Use extra caution.

Be prepared to slow down or pull over to park your vehicle and wait for conditions to improve. Dress warmly. 

Areas at 500 feet or higher above sea level may have more snow on both days.

The public should be prepared for worse conditions than is forecast, including more snow and snowfall that arrives earlier or later than expected.

Forecasts come with uncertainty, and weather forecasters have difficulty predicting snow in the Portland area.

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