Salvation Army seeks volunteers to help build HOPE House park

Helping Hands International and the Salvation Army are working to transform the field outside of HOPE House into a functional park for the residents, but they need a few volunteers to help with the project.

HOPE House is a transitional living development that helps the homeless in Medford get back on their feet. The non-profit Helping Hands committed to help the Salvation Army revamp an empty field next to the HOPE House dorms into a community park — including an amphitheater, sports court, picnic area, walking path, community garden, and splash pad.

“This transformed HOPE park will give us space for HOPE House community emphasis,” the Salvation Army said in a statement.

Work on the project began in earnest on Saturday, but the Salvation Army says that about 100 more volunteers are needed to complete the park.

“We encourage people to include their friends and family members as we experience this amazing transformation,” Salvation Army continued. “Since Helping Hands, International will be managing the volunteers for this project volunteers will need to sign-up on their web-site. This will ensure that COVID-19 precautions and guidelines are followed.”

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