Local Lyft driver gives insight into staying safe inside an Uber, Lyft or taxi

A local Lyft driver says people do not need to be afraid to take an Uber or Lyft.

An Uber driver is accused of sexually assaulting one of his riders. Now some people are afraid to order a Lyft or an Uber.

“My mom is like you are never taking Uber. She is like that’s just way to scary.” said Alexis Mahar. She lives in the Roguve Valley. “I would rather call a family or friend.”

“People begin to think ride share isn’t very safe.” said Mary Carolin. She is a Lyft driver with some insight that might make you feel a little safer. “If you have called for an Uber or Lyft, and a driver comes up on the screen that you’ve had before and you didn’t feel comfortable; cancel that ride immediately.” This works for Uber or Lyft. You have two minutes before you are charged.

If you do have an uncomfortable or inappropriate driver report them immediately. “If you rate them three stars or less you’ll never simply never be paired with that driver again.” said Carolin. She also says never tell the driver where you are going. “Just repeat the address if they ask you well where are we going tonight?”

Carolin says you should also always tell a friend or family member you are taking an Uber or Lyft and what time you should get where you are going. Lastly, she says the safest place is the back passenger seat. “Roll the window down a little bit. If you get trapped in that car you might be able to break that window if it’s rolled down just a little bit.” said Carolin

“I’d feel better if I was someone, like boyfriend or my dad or one of my girlfriends you know as long as I’m not alone.” said Mahar.

Both women agree, the buddy system is always the best choice.

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