Habitat for Humanity is supply fire victims with furniture

Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity is providing fire victims with furniture.

It was first providing them with sifting kits to recover what they could from the ashes. Today it has shifted its mission to now supply the displaced victims with what many could not recover- furniture.

When Habitat for Humanity first started accepting donations the director said the community was quick to help. Their store and it’s storage areas quickly filled up. Now they are only accepting the “must have” items that make a house a home.

“We’re stocked except for a few items that we’re a little bit low on,” the program and operations director Brandom Thom said. “Some of the items that we’re really short on that we’re asking for the community’s help– dressers. Dressers are a hot commodity. Everybody needs them.”

He said the preference is small dressers.

“Unfortunately its one of those things where one couch can service an entire family but everybody really needs a dresser so um those are in short supply,” Thom said.

In addition to dressers– he said the elderly who are displaced have been asking for recliners.

The staff will have people do what they call an intake process where they find out the specific things they are in need of. From there they will schedule you an appointment to come in and match those needs.

“Its not open to the public. Its not first come first serve,” Thom said. “We want you to have your own protected time to come in and see what we have available and see if it will fit the needs of you and your family.”

If you are looking to donate you can call ahead to make sure they are still in need of the item you are looking to bring.

The director said that with their mission of building affordable housing, they are excited to play a big role in the long term of helping Oregonians on the road to recovery.

“We’re just keeping involved and trying to help our neighbors with every step of the need their experiencing,” Thom said.

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