Grace Cascade Christian Schools will have in-person learning

Grace Cascade Christian Schools will be offering in-person classes this coming fall.

According to a letter sent Cascade Christian parents students will have the option to return to school. They will also have the option to do comprehensive distance learning.

With the recent revisions to school metrics regarding reopening schools, the Oregon Department of Education says that some private schools in rural areas now have the potential for in-person instruction. This includes Grace Cascade Christian Schools.

The schools say that they are complying with Covid-19 guidelines set for Oregon small businesses and nonprofits, since school is considered both a small business and non-profit.

Additionally, the school has submitted a re-entry plan to Jackson County Public Health and has requested for feedback on the plan.

Regarding the Oregon Department of Education, Grace Cascade Christian Schools stated in the letter that since “Grace Cascade Christian School is a private school not under the authority of ODE, but under the authority of its own Board of Directors and held accountable by the parents and guardians of enrolled students.”

However Marc Siegel, who is the communications director for the ODE, stated that private schools have to follow ODE’s guidelines regarding in-person instruction.

Currently, the school plans to have all students wear face masks inside of hallways and when social distancing cannot be maintained. The school will also, to the best of their ability, provide a clean, sanitized and safety-conscious environment for its students.

The schools plan to do a soft start on September 14 and will do a firm start on September 21. The letter says this will give teachers enough time to set up their classrooms and will allow enough time for personal protective equipment to arrive.

However, before the start of the term, parents will have to sign a release form to free the schools from potential liabilities.

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