Urban Fit welcomes new members into their ‘family’

Urban Fit opened in November as one of Southern Oregon’s newest gyms. It truly encompasses the phrase “family business.”

Steve Adams Sr. and Jr. are both world-class powerlifters that call Medford home. The younger Steve was a former stand out football player at South Medford and Oregon Duck. After college, he joined his dad in the world of powerlifting.

Steve Sr., or “Pops” as he’s known around Urban Fit, has been a powerlifter for about 42 years. He still competes in events and is one of the best in the nation. Both he and his son own state titles in powerlifting.

When they opened the gym, the father-son duo wanted to create a welcoming environment for everyone, from the beginning lifter to professional bodybuilders. They way they created that environment was by treating every member like a family member.

“When you walk through our door you have become part of our family,” ‘Pops’ said. “We greet you, you’re a friend and we will help you.”

They both said that the reason a lot of people lose sight of their New Year’s resolutions is that they go in alone and don’t have someone to hold them accountable. But at Urban Fit, everyone, from the owners to the member’s is there to help.

“We want [new members] to succeed. And if they fall off the face of the Earth, they’re going to get a phone call,” Steve Jr. said.

While it’s one of Medford’s only powerlifting gyms, it’s open to all skill sets and types of exercise.

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