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The State of Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission awarded the City $738,168 to assist with the renovations of a park and a popular trail in Prescott Park

Medford, OR – According to the statement, the Medford Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department successfully applied for $714,300 in the highly competitive large-grant award category for Howard School Park and $23,868 for the Ponderosa Trail through the State’s small-grant process.

“We are overjoyed to receive these state grants,” said Parks, Recreation and Facilities Director Rich Rosenthal. “The City was successful in leveraging Medford taxpayer resources to reduce the local cost of building these important facilities. These are highly beneficial projects, so it’s a win-win for Medford and the State of Oregon.”

The Howard School Park grant helps the Department begin the long-planned rehabilitation of the 9.2-acre, 1980s-era neighborhood park along Mace Road, adjacent to Howard Elementary in west Medford. Planned improvements include installation of sport courts, a splash pad, LED lighting, a restroom, a playground, and pathway upgrades.

The funding for Prescott Park involves widening and resurfacing the extremely popular, mile-long Ponderosa Trail that leads to scenic overlooks on top of Roxy Ann Peak.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has disbursed over $70 million to communities for outdoor recreation projects since 1999. The grants are funded from voter-approved Oregon Lottery proceeds.

The City of Medford has received nearly $3 million in Local Government Grants; Lone Pine Park, Oregon Hills Park, Bear Creek Park, Lithia & Driveway Fields and Cedar Links Park were previous grant-funded projects.

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