The Medford School District says they plan on opening up a new middle school in the fall of 2021

Class may not be in session right now but staff for the Medford School District are making sure their students are well-equipped for the future.

Medford School District tells NEWSWATCH 12 they have been talking about opening up a new middle school for quite some time now.
By 2021 it will become a reality.

“That’s the way to work is this building is going to become our third middle school it will open in the fall of 2021,” Dr. Bret Champion, Medford School District Superintendent said.

Then the other two middle schools McLoughlin Middle School and Hedrick will become full 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
Its a plan that Medford School District Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion says he is really excited about.
Medford elementary schools are experiencing overcrowding right now and the Medford School District wants to alleviate that.

“Every kid that that comes to our schools in middle school to feel like there’s a culture where we can spark their desire to learn and that they’re going to love school. If you can have a student loves school in middle school wow you have accomplished a lot,” Cynthia Wright School Board Chair for the Medford School District said.

The goal is to open the middle school in the fall of 2021.

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