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The Medford Police Department is launching a drone program

Medford, OR – According to the police officials, the Drone Response Team, comprised of three officers, will assist with many tasks, from searching for missing and endangered individuals to providing a bird’s eye view when tracking fleeing suspects.

The drones also will greatly enhance crash and crime scene reconstruction and, in some cases, eliminate the need of commissioning additional on scene resources.

In addition, the drones will be used to assess damage caused by natural disasters. These drones may also assist in identifying illegal and unregistered drones that could pose a threat to public safety.

Three officers have completed required training and certification to operate all four drones. The team will also have a dedicated vehicle for the program.

“We are excited to implement a program that will increase the abilities of our officers and department,” said Police Chief, Justin Ivens. “The Drone Response Team will play an important role in assisting our agency in times of need.”

Forfeiture funds were used to purchase the drones. Ongoing costs to operate the devices will include system upgrades and will be budgeted accordingly in future budget cycles.

Drone Response Teams have been implemented in numerous police departments throughout the state and across the country.

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