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Public Works crews have several street maintenance projects planned for the following period

Medford, OR – According to the city officials, crews will perform asphalt crack sealing at various locations throughout the city and will continue through September.

Crack seal is an integral part of preventative maintenance that helps preserve the life of our roads.

A slurry seal application can treat narrow surface cracks and protects the pavement from raveling, moisture intrusion, and oxidation. Overall, this process helps restore and extend the life of our roads.

This application requires a full road closure for of 4-8 hours. Posted closure/detour signs will guide travelers around the affected area.

Chip seal is a surface treatment that is applied to existing roadways, consisting of an asphalt binder with a layer of embedded aggregate.

Resurfacing treatments is cost-effective, extends pavement life, helps reduce water damage, and creates a skid-resistant surface. This application provides a swift return to traffic.

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