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Property management company expresses frustration over eviction moratorium extension

MEDFORD, Ore. — A six-month extension on Oregon’s eviction moratorium is causing frustration among landlords and property management companies.

Lawmakers set aside around $150 million to pay landlords up to 80 percent of what they’re owed by renters.

Allcities Property Management manager Angela Brumana says this forces landlords to forfeit too much money.

“Owners aren’t as rich as the tenants think they are — that’s a myth,” Brumana said. “Then it’s the trickling down because then you look at us property managers or landlords that our income is based on the rent collected and we’re not receiving rent. So, guess what? We’re not getting paid either.”

Tenants are required to let their landlords know that they’ve lost income, but they don’t have to prove it.

Brumana says those rules make it easy for people to take advantage of.

“There should be some accountability for the tenants to have to prove that they don’t make the income just like owners have to prove that they’re not getting the income,” Brumana said.

Brumana says mortgage companies could offer some assistance.

“Most of the mortgage companies are giving them relief of some kind, even though it’s tacking it on at the end,” Brumana said. “So, I’m just telling them to reach out to their mortgage companies.”

HB 4401 extends the evicition moratorium until the end of June 2021.

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