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Medford schools have spent hours with local health officials to plan how COVID-19 vaccines would be distributed to educators

Medford, OR –  According to the statement, all the Jackson County school districts are willing to do anything in their power to use trucks and buses and space and people to move the vaccine forward.

The survey, that was sent out to educators and other staff members, resulted in 72% of people saying they would be willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This was more than other local schools and the logistics are squared away for the COVID-19 vaccine in the future.

A separate survey went out to families and staff regarding their comfort when it comes to reopening. According to the statement, most people are comfortable, but they have few concerns.

Once the districts plans are announced, they will have more options. For the younger grades, they’re hoping that it will be a lot of in class time for the kids. As you get older probably more of a hybrid version.

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